Product details

Mushiny Goods to Person AGV T5-800
  • Product classification:Materials handling and storage technology
  • application area:3 Party Logistics 、Daily care 、Automatization、Pharmaceutical, medical equipment、Food & Beverage、Home living、Shoes and Garments 、Chemical industry、Automobile Industry、Airport

Product information

1、Small volume, heavy load, high-efficiency link lifting design patent, 2-second lifting and modular component design;
2、Customized for different scenarios, installed with rollers, compatible with various vehicles,Seamless connection with automatic mechanical arm and transmission equipment, etc. .


T5-800 intelligent logistics complete solution uses artificial intelligence algorithm as the core, intelligent mobile robot as the carrier, through WMS, WCS, RCS and other software systems for scheduling, to complete the cargo handling, stowing, picking and inventory management etc., It greatly improves the logistics efficiency of the factory / warehouse.